Baby Joy cattery - sphinx, elf, bambino

My name is Svetlana Nikitina and I want to familiarize you with our little cattery of Canadian Sphynxes Baby Joy!

babyjoy 2The cattery is registered in two felinology systems WCA (World Cat Association), TICA and CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association)

The main task of our kennel is to improve the breed by selecting pairs so that their descendants were superior to their parents on all parameters, we are working on a variety of colours, such as kolorpoint, mink, traditional colors.

We do not keep our animals in cages, they are members of our family, and only then producing kennel, therefore their health, physical and psychological well-being are very important for us.

Our animals receive annual testing for various types of diseases and acquired the highest quality vaccination.

We just adore go to exhibitions, so in the section "Our show's" You can see a lot of fotos with different exhibitions of cats. Well here we are a little bit and got acquainted, pleasant view and don't forget to visit the section "Kitten's for sale" :) there You may make your choice and then I'll be happy to get to know you better!